Thermoplastic HFFR Insulation Compound

Thermoplastic HFFR Insulation Compound

LS2401 is a thermoplastic low-smoke halogen-free insulation compound.

The properties can meet RoHS Standard. They have excellent mechanical and flame-retardant properties with temperature resistance from -40℃to 90℃. They are mainly used for the insulation of communication cables, control cables, and power cables.
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Thermoplastic HFFR Insulation Compound LS2401

LS 2401 a low smoke, non-halogen, low smoke, highly flame retardant, low corrosive, low toxic, and thermoplastic compound. It is designed for general-purpose wire insulation applications.It can easily pass the IEC60332-3, test for vertical flame spread of vertically mounted bunched wires and cables. It can be used as an insulation on cables operating at up to 90℃,with excellent fire safety characteristics and a good balance of properties.


Test Standard

JB/T 10707-2007



LS 2401 has the following features:

 ·Highly flame retardant

 ·Low smoke, low corrosivity and low toxicity

 ·Ease of extrusion

 ·Good balance of toughness and flexibility

 ·Environmentally friendly (lead free, halogen-free, sulfur/antimony-free)