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solar eva film for encapsulate solar panel and backsheet

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Poly/Mono silicon PV module

EVA film for encapsulate Poly & Mono silicon PV module.


Thin-Film PV module

EVA film for encapsulate Flexible solar module.


BIPV module

EVA film for encapsulate double glazed solar module.





UV Irradiation


Shrinkage Rate

L<=1.0% H<=1.1%

Peel strength 

 Glass>74/ Backsheet>62

Tensile strength

18.6 Mpa

Elongation at Break


Water Absorption


Volume Resistivity

1.3 x10^15

Specific Heat


Our Advantage

AlpSolar EVA film has Excellent weather resistance, high temperature, humidity, and UV resistance.
AlpSolar EVA film was easy to operate & store, laminating with a wide temperature range and high efficiency.
AlpSolar EVA film has the following advantages: High transmittance type, Anti-UV type,anti-PID type, High refractive index type,anti-snail pattern type and fast solidifying type.
AlpSolar EVA film is committed to producing EVA film with world-Class quality and providing additional solutions for different kinds PV modules.

Inventory Size

Thickness (mm)

0.3mm, 0.35mm ,0.40mm, 0.45mm, 0.50mm

Width (mm)

270mm,450mm,550mm,680mm,820mm,1000mm and 1100mm

Length per Roll(Meter)

100M or 150M

The Maximum width we can produce is 2600mm, and we accept customized size.

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