Semi-conductive Crosslinkable Insulation Screen for XLPE Cable up to 35kV

Our shielding material series is crosslinkable semi-conductive shielding compound, which is used as conductor/ conductor and insulation/insulation shield for cross-linked polyethylene insulation power cables rated voltage up to 36kV.

It is suitable for the dry vulcanization processing method at high temperatures.
It provides fine surface smoothness, nice extrusion flowability, good performance to prevent scorch, and stable volume resistivity.

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  1. Semiconductive Conductor Shielding Compound ISC335 (Bonded )
  2. Semi-conductive Conductor Shielding Comound IOSC332 (Bonded)
  3. Semi-conductive Insulation Shielding Compound OSC339 (Strippable)

Our Semi-conductive series could meet the applicable requirements as below when prcessed using sound extrusion practices and testing procedures.

  • AEIC CS 7 and CS 8
  • IEC 8-840
  • IEC 60502
  • ICEA S-66-524/NEMA WC 7
  • UL 1072
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