Foamed PE and PP materials

Chemically Foamed PE and PP Materials

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product Description:

The chemically foamed PE and PP insulating materials developed by our company have the characteristics of high mechanical strength, good processability, low dielectric constant and low loss. Through temperature control, a uniform and dense cell structure can be formed, thereby greatly improving the wire Electrical performance. According to the different requirements of customers, there are three types of foam insulation materials: chemically foamed LDPE, chemically foamed HDPE and chemically foamed PP, which are widely used in HDMI, VGA, SATA and USB cables. 

Product Details:

1)chemically foamed LDPE, suitable for small coaxial, CATV and other foaming lines;

2)chemically foamed HDPE, suitable for foaming lines such as HDMI, USB, SATA and VAG;

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Product Performance: 

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LDPEChemical Foaming

HDPEChemical Foaming



* Unless otherwise noted, the above data is the performance measured in the laboratory at 23°C and 50%RH.

* The above value is the representative test value of the material, not the minimum value of the specification material.


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