Analysis and development direction of semi-conductive shielding material

Prospects for the production of semicon materials for MV/HV power cable in China

The national grid has begun to develop the development of 220KV and below high-voltage semi-conductive shielding material standards. Through self-testing and other testing of American, European and Winpower products, the test results show that foreign brands have 3-4 protrusions per square meter (50-70 microns), while ours is "0", the test method is laser scanning, which is to put 220KV material into extruded tape (8-10 mm), then the tape is run (like movie tape), and during the run, the light source emitted scans the surface of the tape. (8-10 mm), then the strip, running (like a movie tape), running, the light source emitted on the surface of the strip to scan, if the ray touches the projection finger immediately after the return (also similar to radar waves) to the instrument, the instrument will automatically record its height, width, data report immediately printed out.

Here is a special emphasis on the high pressure shielding material "two super": one, super clean, two, super smooth, this high pressure semi-conductive shielding material and medium pressure semi-conductive shielding material is the fundamental difference between these two aspects, super clean, super smooth.

High-voltage, ultra-high-voltage semi-conductive shielding material material function, we hope to get "0" local discharge, that is, there is no partial discharge is caused by our high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage semi-conductive shielding material, of course, if the insulating material, conductor, buffer water resistance conductive material and eccentricity is their responsibility.

When we tested the cable material (pellets) of N** Japan, its cross-linked structure is "semi-net", while the high-voltage cable is "fully netted", fully cross-linked, which reflects the practical, mild and safe meaning of the product, such high-voltage, ultra-high voltage in the design of the formula and the product made in the VCV production line can work continuously for more than 25 days, especially the large square long-distance submarine cable.


"Full mesh"

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The aforementioned Chinese semi-conductive shielding material medium-voltage, high-voltage current status, the following report to you medium-voltage, high-voltage, ultra-high voltage semi-conductive shielding material in the future development direction.

China's medium voltage 35KV and below semiconductor shielding material really from our hands since the introduction, it has been 30 years. The product also began to gradually go to the international market.

The world's leading manufacturer of semiconductor shielding material is definitely China, but we still face some problems.

High-pressure, ultra-high-pressure shortcomings, one is the problem of base material, a conductive carbon black problem, our high-pressure, ultra-high-pressure plant with carbon black is imported, that is, our domestic high-pressure, ultra-high-pressure semi-conductive shielding material in the future development direction and space. North Yanshan Petrochemical is ready to set up the EBA project.

With China's Belt and Road in the world, many countries have joined it, to our winpower company, products have been exported to Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East, Southeast and other markets, of course, these products are medium voltage level, 35KV and 110KV below, we China's high-voltage, ultra-high voltage semi-conducting products into the international market is only a matter of time.

30 years ago our team can't reach U.*.* from USA, the B* from United Kingdom, and today can be said we achived them in 35KV shielding material region.

For high voltage, ultra-high voltage semi-conductive shielding material in the future is in sight, a few days ago, the State Grid, West Jiaotong University has established a project of 500KV XLPE and shielding.

In the country's steady development of the good situation, so that we all see high-voltage, ultra-high-voltage semi-conductive shielding material full localization, just around the corner!